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Bauchi swears in governor for 2nd tenure




Governor Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed alongside his Deputy, Hon. Auwal Jatau on Monday, the 29th of May 2023 took oaths of allegiance and office to serve the good people of Bauchi State for additional four years, assuring that his administration will improve security, infrastructure, youth purposefulness and welfare of the people of the state.

The colorful inauguration took place at the Sir, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium, Bauchi, around 11: 30 am where the Chief Justice of Bauchi State, Justice Rabi Talatu Umar, administered the oath of office to Governor Bala Mohammed, under the watchful eyes of thousands of families and friends within and outside the state, party faithful, supporters and all manner of people.

After taking oath of allegiance and office, Bala Mohammed in his speech titled: “My Bauchi Project: Consolidating the Mandate to Place Bauchi First!” recalled with extreme joy and gratitude how four years ago, he took the same oath of office and allegiance as governor. He said that after forty-eight months, he is humbled to deliver his second and final inaugural address as governor of the state for another four years.

Mohammed said he has accepted the call to serve, not because he sees himself as the most qualified but because it is a divine mandate over which he has no choice.

“Looking into the faces of the exuberant crowd of our patriots here present, I recognize the overwhelming significance of this moment. I appreciate the trust that has been reposed on our administration by the majority of our people who voted for me. I am conscious that my re-election signifies the endorsement of the manifesto of our great party and the “My Bauchi Project” agenda on which platforms I ran for election in 2019. I am honoured that today’s inauguration represents a validation of the performance of our administration during the first term.”

”I wish to recall with extreme joy and gratitude that on this day four years ago, I stood at this podium to take the oath of office and oath of allegiance as your governor and to deliver my first inaugural address to a mammoth crowd like this one.”

”I find it indeed humbling that 48 months, (that is, 208 weeks or 1,460 days) later, here I am again to deliver my second and, by the provisions of our constitution, final inaugural address on the auspicious occasion of my swearing-in as Governor of our great state for another four years.”

“But it goes beyond that. I see it as a summons to do more. Not as Governor of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) under whose platform I ran or any partisan or sectarian interest but for everyone residing in Bauchi State: indigene and non-indigene, citizen and foreigner, rich and poor no matter one’s station.”

“Yet, while acknowledging the neutrality demanded of me in my position, it is only proper that I acknowledge with gratitude first, my political party that gave me the platform to run. Secondly, also deserving of my gratitude are members of my team: the SSG, my Chief of Staff, Commissioners, Special Advisers and Special Assistants who brought their expertise and competences and stood by me, all through both exciting and challenging moments, to produce the performance that culminated in my re-election.”

“I would like to say that, for me, the dissolution of the State Executive Council will not put a stop to the virile relationship that we cherish. On that note, should circumstances dictate the return of any of you, It is my sincere wish that you will avail the state the benefit of your patriotic service.”

“Not the least, I want to thank our royal fathers, my Lords spiritual and temporal, civil society organizations, my colleagues, members of the fourth estate and all our compatriots without whose continuing prayers and support this day would not have been possible,” he said.


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