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Lawmaker worries over health facilities shortage of manpower




Honourable Engr. Sa’idu Suleiman Darazo, member representing Darazo State Constituency in Bauchi State, has moved a motion calling on the state government to address challenges facing general hospitals and Primary Healthcare Centres in the state, in the interest of those who voted them into office.

The lawmaker, who moved the motion at the plenary of the House, stated that despite concerted efforts made by the State Government to overcome the challenges confronting the health sector in the state, the situation is getting worse.

Engr. Sa’idu, noted that the decay of infrastructure in health facilities and inadequate human resources to cater for the health needs of the people, continued to be a challenge in the state.

He said that Bauchi was grappling with pressing issues that posed a significant threat to the delivery of quality healthcare, including depleting health workforce and shortage of skilled healthcare professionals, as well as mal-distribution of serving health workers.

He added that apart from the shortage, there was high concentration of health workers in urban areas while rural areas were understaffed, thereby threatening quality delivery of health services to the people living in rural areas who were often less educated, poor and with a high disease burden.

He said, “Several factors contribute to the depletion of the health workforce in Bauchi State. There is a significant brain drain phenomenon, where trained healthcare professionals seek better opportunities in neighbouring states due to factors such as inadequate remuneration, limited career advancement prospects and challenging working conditions.

“This brain drain deprives Bauchi State of valuable expertise and leaves healthcare facilities struggling to meet the needs of their patients.

“Improving the working conditions and remuneration of healthcare professionals is paramount. Competitive salaries, career development opportunities and supportive work environment will motivate Bauchi State healthcare workers to remain in the state, fostering a sustainable healthcare workforce.”

He, therefore, urged the House to request the executive arm of government to rehabilitate the dilapidated infrastructure at the general hospitals and PHCs for optimal healthcare service delivery.

He enjoined the government to address the manpower problem by recruiting medical doctors, nurses and midwives and equally improving the working conditions and remuneration of healthcare professionals.

In his input on the issues raised, the Majority Leader in the State House of Assembly, Hon Saleh Hodi Jibir (Disina Constituency), agreed that there were numerous problems in the health sector, but noted that recruitment of manpower was ongoing. He pointed out that the government would only be advised to sustain the recruitment and improve the working conditions of health and medical workers in the state for good.


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