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Procedures for renewal/replacement of driver’s licence



RENEWAL of Driver’s licence is re-validation of expired driver’s licence. Applicants are to note a driver’s licence is programmed to expire on holder’s birthday. Holders between the ages of 18-25 years are to renew their licences yearly due to limited experience while older drivers (26-65 years) to renew every 3 or 5 years. Holders above 65 years to renew licence every year.

Procedure for renewal of Driver’s Licence

  1. Renewal is done online using the number on the expired licence and date of birth.
  2. Complete form online (

III. Print out the completed the application form and generate payment code (Pay Arena)

  1. Pay prescribed fee at any of the designated banks and collect payment slip and code.
  2. Register payment at Motor Licensing Authority (MLA) and proceed to testing Officer for assessment and test where necessary.
  3. Proceed to Driver’s Licence Centre (DLC) if successful for production as in case of fresh Driver’s Licence.

VII. Applicants seeking to change class of licence must be tested for the new class.

Replacement of Lost Driver’s Licence

Procedure for replacement of lost driver’s licence is similar to normal renewal except that an applicant is required to obtain a Police Extract and sworn affidavit and slao present a photocopy of the lost driver’s licence. Applicant may not be required to go through a driving test in this case.

Warning, Suspension, Renewal or Revocation of Driver’s Licence

A driver’s licence holder may be issued warning or have his licence suspended or revoked on conviction by a court of law or by having cumulative penalty points as itemized thus:

  1. Warning: a driver is awarded warning after a cumulative 10-14 penalty points.
  2. Suspension: a driver’s licence is suspended after a cumulative 15-20 penalty points.

Withdrawal/revocation: a driver’s licence is withdrawn or revoked on conviction by a court of law or after a cumulative 21 and above penalty points.

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