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Prophet threatens applicant not to submit evidence




THE embattled Prophet and Overseer of Garden of Prayers Miracle Ministry, formally known as Mount Zion Ministry Bassa, Moses Essessein, who was accused of hypnotizing and having canal knowledge of the wife of one Adewumi Abayomi, has been accused as the man with text messages.
He has also been accused of using some thugs or boys to write and drop a letter at the door post of the applicant, threatening him to dire not submit evidence in his possession before the court in a case against him or he would be arrested. He added that it would lead to his children going hungry.
The applicant disclosed this recently, while testifying as PW1 before Justice Zakka Dung, of Area Court, West of Mines Jos, Plateau State in a suit between Prophet Moses Essessein and the Plateau State Police Commissioner reported by one Adewumi Abayomi.
The witness said, “My wife who was worshipping with Prophet Essessein one day travelled with the prophet without my permission. I asked if that was how the Church operates or that’s the teaching in his Church? I did not know that they were in a relationship. I also reported to her father that his daughter travelled with the prophet without my knowledge.
“I also reported the case to the Police at the ‘A’ Division. Thereafter, I started receiving threat messages. I suspected that it was from Moses Essessein, so, I printed all the text messages after reporting again to the Police at A-Division and I have all the evidence before the court.
“As if that was not enough, the second defendant, Pastor Paul Nyimmel, who is the Personal Secretary to the prophet, sent some boys to warn me not to bring any evidence to court. He had earlier told my wife to warn me not to do that or I would go mad and be taken to the village”, he testified.
However, when the Prosecuting Counsel, ES Kwara Esq, applied for the submission of twelve evidences as exhibits, Counsel to the defendant, Mathew Oziedo, challenged the applications and objected that the evidences lacked merit and urged the court to not admit them as evidence because most of them were doctored.
Ruling over the objection of the defendant Counsel, the Presiding Judge, Justice Zakka Dung, adopted them as exhibits and promised to do justice to the case.
He, therefore, adjourned the case to July 12, 2023 for cross examination and subsequent entertainment of other witnesses.

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