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Celebrating teachers in the world



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YESTERDAY was marked as World Teachers Day. Needless to say, the importance of a teacher or teachers in every society need not to be overemphasized. As education is important, so is the teacher. They inculcate wisdom and knowledge to every person in the society, from time immemorial.

UNFORTUNATELY, they have not been adequately rewarded given the sacrifice they put in ensuring that they impart knowledge on generation after another. The refrain, as usual, seems to be that, the ‘teachers’ reward is in heaven. Sad as the scenario is, the narrative of teachers living condition at this moment, should change. While the country is desirous of the fact that this generation and the one yet unborn should be imbued and impacted with knowledge for the progress of the country everything should be done in that direction.

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari-led administration should be commended on its resolve to implement the new Teacher’s Salary Structure. Apart from gingering and motivating them to perform optimally, it has proven that their rewards are still on earth and not only in heaven. The Nigerian teacher, as in other parts of the world now can feel respected by virtue of the new salary.

IT is a truism that, the condition of teachers, either in active service or in retirement is pitiable. With paltry sum as salary or pension, the teacher can ill-afford, the comfort of life. He or she lives from one misery to the other. Contradictorily, the pupils these teachers train, emerge leaders of the country and become extravagantly rich without them considering their plight and what should be done to address it.

HENCE, the need to look after the welfare of teachers becomes very imperative. Teachers inevitably are the cornerstone of every society. Therefore, any society that undermines their potentials and potentialities will be doing so at its peril. No wonder, the government understands that giving them what they deserve will inevitably help in cushioning the woes they go through while in and out of serve.

WHILE we acknowledged the President Muhammadu Buhari administration’s resolve to implement the new Teachers’ Salary Structure, we equally want to admonish that; it should not just stop at the federal level. Severally, such laudable decision doesn’t trickle down and even include those in private schools as they also contribute a lot to impact knowledge.

IT may not be surprising if some states, nay local government state fast-drag on the same issue. It happened before on other issues and it is not going to be out of place if it happens again. Nonetheless, we are optimistic that the plight of teachers will be given the needed attention, through an act of parliament. The pronouncement has been made, what needs to be done should not be delayed by all means.

WE hail Nigerian teachers and teachers all over the world as they celebrate their day. Again, to whom much is given, much is desired. Teachers should be more retrospect. Dedication, commitment and above all, patriotism should be the hallmark. What the country expects is far more than the salary that they will receive; after all, no country develops without embarking on a surgical operation on its education sector.



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