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NAWOJ elections: Lessons learnt and the task ahead.



Recently the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists, NAWOJ, from all over the 36 states and The Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, converged in Abuja, at the International Women Centre, for their 11th Triennial National Delegates Conference to elect its new executives at the national level.

The former National President , Ladi Bala, deserves commendation for the milestone achievements recorded during her tenure. This includes getting an office for NAWOJ and making it a household name.The new leadership should see this as a challenge and keep the tempo by doing much more.

Unfortunately, the election was a battle of the titans, negating everything the pen profession stands for. Delegates tried selling their candidates vying for different positions through any means possible. The delegates conference was no different from the secular politics .Campaign of calumny, character assassination, money politics, mud slinging, verbal assault all played out.

Sadly, the outing was very disappointing because members of the fourth estate whose business involves reporting and condemning underhanded behaviour, displayed the very things they condemn in society.

NAWOJians should be mindful of the fact that they are professionals first and politics is only secondary.They should get rid of the politics of bitterness and display sportsmanship by working together for a better NAWOJ. Whatever they engage in, there should be decorum

Suffice to say that some of these things played out because some members felt they were not carried along in time passed and so felt that whatever it takes, the narratives of the past Executive must be changed.

With all these grievances and loopholes, we advise that the new NAWOJ executive should operate an all inclusive leadership and open up room for proper communication by informing members about their aspirations , decisions , activities and goals that all zones will benefit from.The ability to listen and address issues will help strengthen the relationship between members and executives which will give them support and credibility.

It is expected that the new leadership of NAWOJ should create a template that will ensure the achievements of realistic goals for the association. In order to attain effective leadership, they should foster collaborative committees and stakeholders to enhance effectiveness and promote unity.

Furthermore, advocating for the rights and well-being of its members is tantamount . This can be achieved by fair and constructive negotiations with employers to achieve beneficial agreements.

Also, the union should adapt to change with the ability to manoeuvre evolving situations that will contribute to its success. Apparently active member participation should be encouraged through meetings, events and feedback mechanisms which would build the bond of unity amongst members and ensure a more resilient union.

We encourage that the union’s financial stability should be ensured through budgeting and financial management. This will ensure financial transparency in order to build trust amongst members.

Also NAWOJ should adhere to ethical standards which include reporting obligations and internal governance policies. The new leadership should know that their role is to serve the interest of its members not for selfish benefits. By incorporating these ethics, it will intensify a more successful and impactful tenure for the new executives.


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