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Purchase of Operational vehicles: Diket Plang defends NASS




The National Assembly (NASS) had recently procured and distributed Toyota Landcruiser Jeep worth about 57.6 billion naira to the 320 members of the National Assembly.

A purchase which has continued to generate tension and controversy to Nigerians, who have wondered why a country that can’t produce 5000 mw is spending such a bogus amount on luxury cars.

But a member of the Senate, representing Plateau Central in the National Assembly, Senator Diket Plang in an Interview with THE NIGERIA STANDARD in his office debunked the speculation saying that the vehicles were given to the members on loan which he would be deducted from their monthly salaries.

Senator Plang who displayed his alert of October salary with the deduction of almost #500) hundred thousand for the car, stated ” reports about the cars (vehicles) being procured for us were exaggerated!”

According to him,” The vehicles are work tools and not status symbols. Members are diligent and patriotic elected representatives and not entitled.”

On the Insecurity in the country, the legislator said insecurity in Nigeria is a big challenge in which nobody is safe in any environment due to high rate of arm robbery and banditry.

He listed poverty and employment among causes of the insecurity being experienced.

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