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Lawmaker makes case for community policing




P 6 Sun 18/02/24

In his first appearance at the House of Representatives, Hon. Daniel Asama, the representative for Bassa, Jos North in Plateau State, moved a motion on a matter of urgent public importance. Hon. Asama highlighted the pressing need to implement Part 14 of the Nigerian Police Act 2020, focusing on the establishment of community policing.

Addressing his honorable colleagues, Hon. Asama expressed concern over the relentless attacks by insurgents in various communities across Nigeria. He emphasized that despite previous resolutions passed by the House of Representatives, the affected communities continue to suffer from these heinous acts. Existing security measures appear inadequate, leaving these communities vulnerable.

Drawing attention to the recent attacks in the Inzenga community, located in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State, Hon. Asama stressed the urgency for action. He pointed out that the Nigerian Police Act 2020, explicitly outlines provisions for community policing in Sections 113, 114, 116, and 117.

Acknowledging the time constraints, Hon. Asama expressed his gratitude to the House of Representatives and proceeded to present his prayers. Firstly, he called for a minute of silence to honor the innocent victims of these horrendous attacks across the nation. Secondly, he urged the Inspector General of Police to fully implement community policing as indicated in Part 14 of the Nigerian Police Act 2020. Lastly, he implored the House Committee on Police Affairs and Legislative Compliance to ensure compliance with the implementation and report back within four weeks.

The motion put forth by Hon. Asama received support and commendation from other members of the House. Recognizing the importance of addressing the rising insecurity in the nation, they emphasized the need to take immediate action.

The House agreed to the prayers presented by Hon. Asama, vowing to implement community policing as outlined in Part 14 of the Nigerian Police Act 2020. They further mandated the House Committee on Police Affairs and Legislative Compliance to oversee the enforcement process and provide a report to the House within four weeks.

With this motion, Hon. Daniel Asama has taken his first step towards addressing the security challenges faced by his constituents in Plateau State and communities across Nigeria. The implementation of community policing is hoped to strengthen security measures and ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens.

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