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Lawmakers advocate return to parliamentary system of government




The House of Representatives has passed for first reading a bill seeking to transform the presidential system of government to a parliamentary system.
The bill which was sponsored by 6 lawmakers was titled “The bill proposing constitutional alterations for a transition to parliamentary system of govt “was read for the first time.

At a news briefing after the plenary, the spokesperson for the 6 members that sponsored the bill, Hon. Abdussamad Dasuki (PDP Sokoto) said that the proposed alterations, when passed would significantly impact the national political landscape.

He disclosed that over the years, the expectations of the presidential system of government have become glaring to all, despite several alterations to the constitution to address the shortcomings of a system that has denied the nation the opportunity of attaining its full potential.

Hon. Dasuki explained that with the presentation of these bill, the House hopes to ignite, provoke a national conversation about the future of Nigerian governance system, to ensure robust public debates amongst others. Representative Dasuki stated that “Today we stand on the cusp of history, as lawmakers across party affiliations and regional backgrounds, we come together to present bill proposing constitutional alterations that seek a transition to parliamentary system of government.

“These bills seeking to alter the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, advocates a transition from the current presidential system to a parliamentary system at all levels- federal, state and local government. ”


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