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Mutfwang extolls virtues of new Supreme Court Judge




GOVERNOR Caleb Mutfwang has commended Justice Chundung Sankey for exceptional leadership during her inauguration as a Supreme Court Justice of Nigeria.

The governor described her as a beacon of humility, excellence and a proud daughter of Plateau known for her dedication and integrity throughout her career.

Mutfwang, who was joined by fellow dignitaries at a dinner hosted by the Plateau State Government in honor of Justice Sankey at the New Government House, Little Rayfield, extolled her courage, perseverance and commitment to upholding the principles of fairness and justice in public service.

“This evening marks a celebration of resilience in the face of adversity, exemplified by the unwavering commitment of Justice Sankey, even after the tragic events of 1966 that claimed her father’s life.

“We honour her dedication to discipline, as demonstrated throughout her life and career. Furthermore, we celebrate her industry, perseverance, and unwavering pursuit of excellence, evident in her outstanding professional journey characterized by dignity and integrity,” the governor stressed.

He urged the people to unite in fostering the state’s development and championing the success of Plateau’s sons and daughters, devoid of divisive tendencies.

The governor expressed gratitude to the judicial community for their support during challenging times and commended the Supreme Court for delivering a landmark judgment in Plateau’s case, which bolstered public confidence in the judiciary.

Former Governor of Plateau State, Sen. Jonah David Jang, the Gbong Gwom, Jos, Da. Jacob Gyang Buba, and other guests, lauded Justice Sankey’s resilience and foresight in upholding justice, fairness and the integrity of the judiciary.

In her response, Justice Sankey attributed her appointment to divine grace and dedicated it to her late parents, particularly her mother.

She expressed gratitude to Governor Mutfwang, Plateau elders and the clergy for their prayers and support during challenging times and encouraged young lawyers to uphold fairness, justice and diligence in their service.

Justice Sankey solicited the prayers and support of the people of Plateau State as she embarked on her journey to serve the nation with excellence.

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