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ITF to end dichotomy between general, technical education



The Director-General of the Industrial Training Fund, Sir Joseph Ari has called for harmonization of certification in order to remove the dichotomy between general education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

He also called for the enforcement of monitoring and regulating of informal sectors that produce artisans to reduce quacks.

Ari stated this in a paper he delivered at the National War College Monday in Abuja.

According to him, there is need to strengthen collaboration between technical institutions and industries, to meet up with labor market demand.

In addition, the ITF DG stated that the government needs to establish Teachers Industrial Work Experience Scheme (TIWES) as well as adopting state-of-the-art measures that support human capacity development through engaging human expertise empowered by research.

He urged stakeholders in Technical Education and National development to develop operational policies that would drive human resource development, and called for the overhauling of the TVET system with policies that provides more funding for tools, equipment and facilities

With the institutionalization of the National Apprenticeship Training System (NATS), Ari said the ITF will enhance the capacity of artisans, craftsmen and technicians for employability and provide Nigerians with the relevant skills and competencies that will grow the economy.

He added, “The mandate of the ITF is very clear on the expectations of it. Therefore, the notion that the ITF should develop the entrepreneurship curriculum of tertiary institutions is entirely outside of the scope of its mandate and the responsibility of other Regulatory Agencies.




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